Turkish PropBank

Turkish Proposition Bank is the first semantically annotated corpus built for Turkish language. It is constructed upon IMST and later alinged with IMST Universal Dependencies (UD). It contains sense and semantic argument information of each predicate similar to


giy.01 means the “1st” sense of predicate lemma giy (wear) and labels A-A, A0 and A1 represents semantic arguments. Numbered arguments (A0-A4) of each predicate sense are registered in frame files and definitions of adjunct like arguments can be found in original English PropBank project.

Download Resources

Frame files can be download from this link. Corpora constructed upon IMST and IMST-UD can be investigated from project’s corpus repo. Please check the LICENSE and README files before usage.


A part of this corpus has been annotated via crowd workers. To guide researchers we share our design files, screenshots, instructions and task results (aggregation files)[Verb Sense Annotation], [Semantic Role Annotation].

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Turkish Semantic Role Labeling

Source code based on [mate-tools] is available from [here].


We distribute resources built in scope of this project under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0 International license.


If you use this resource, please consider citing:

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